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Business Curation

Global Trade Missions

Our services are provided on a time and materials basis.

Full details are provided in client engagement letter.

Trade Missions. Our trade missions are designed to match prospective clients with potential commercial partners. We assist in facilitating introductions with trusted contacts for the parties themselves then to see whether mutuality and synergy exist.

Our in-country resources will develop and manage every step of the trade mission with an eye towards achieving defined, reasonable objectives.

Commercial Connections

We employ fixed-fee service agreements for introductions within our professional network.

Full details are provided in client engagement letter.

facilitation of commercial connections. This service is aimed at startups and existing businesses of all sizes. Due to the complex and unique nature of these projects, we invest significant resources to ensure that every client we take on is successful. 


We work with our clients to agree a fee structure up front that both parties are happy with. Our fees for this type of service are directly dependent on the success of our clients. We carefully select which clients we offer this service to.

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