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We believe in transparency and honesty.

We deliver with surgical precision for our clients.​

Integrity is more important than an invoice.

Our Values

Our business, Protocol 6, is focused on facilitating business relationships with companies and individuals in markets and geographies of critical interest. We are a trusted advisor to both novitiates and seasoned international operators. We have earned that trust through our candour, capability and clear understanding of where our expertise lies. We do not overreach; we do not exaggerate. We remain steady despite the inevitable peaks and troughs in the projects we undertake. 


Our trust and expertise allow us to forge relationships within our network, creating new channels and opportunities for growth. It is amazing how the right lens can reveal complementary qualities among what, at first blush, appear incompatible. Revealing those cognitive connection points is at the core of our work.

For more information, download our firm's profile here.


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