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Protocol 6 is an international chamber of experienced financial, legal and commercial professionals. We leverage our specialist experience, expertise and network in crafting customised solutions to exceed our clients' needs and expectations.


We have built our reputation on straight-forward, fact-driven analysis. Our approach creates for our clients a comprehensive set of quality options related to international expansion and commercial acceleration. For example, we have successfully opened routes to end markets and created distribution structures for our clients in the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Finally, we are also ruthlessly transparent and honest. If we cannot help, we're the first to say so.


Learn more about Protocol 6 here.


Based on our clients requirements, timelines and business profile, we provide a curated portfolio of new and existing market opportunities.


Whether our clients seek joint venture partners, new distribution channels, or commercial sales opportunities, Protocol 6 is the spark that ignites relationships for them.


In the end, though, it is our clients and our network who decide whether to build on the spark we've created. 


Asset Tracing

Through our network of sophisticated partners, we are capable of assisting our clients in discovering assets and managing recovery through all lifecycle events (from discovery to multi-jurisdictional litigation management).

This includes:

  • Reporting for legal disclosure and/or intelligence purposes only.

  • Proven techniques & source networks.

  • In-depth biographical profiling, timelines, network maps.

  • Open source, technical and human intelligence elements.

  • Offshore capabilities & analysis of corporate structures.

  • Close cooperation with in-house or external legal strategies.


vETTING & qualification

Too often our clients have recounted experiences with charlatans--the false promises and the facile analysis. We do not operate that way. And, it makes all the difference. It is the reason why we are trusted by our clients and respected by our peers.


To illustrate, we have dutifully declined more potential clients than we have accepted. When we are unable to vet and qualify a potential opportunity for connection, we are the first to say it, sparing our trusted network the frustration that inevitably comes from business partners who lack transparency and forthrightness.

This transparent, diligent qualification ensures that our clients trust an introduction we facilitate.



With its strategic partners, Protocol 6 brings world-class cybersecurity training to the Middle East region. 

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